Why bring back old filmmaking?

Filmmaking has evolved since the silent era that began with the invention of the Cinématographe in 1895 by the Lumière Brothers. Then they added sound, music better quality, and so on. Then it kind of stopped 100 years later. In my opinion, 1994 was one of the best year for film, with titles like Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Legends Of The Fall, Shawshank Redemption, Léon, Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura, The Mask, Natural Born Killers, Ed Wood, Speed, The Santa Claus, The Flintstones, amongst others.

Too much CGI FX makes no WOW FX

After Jurassic Park made the groundbreaking bigscale CGI FX with walking Dinosaurs in combination with well made practical fx for closeups. We kind of stopped evolving to be better, most movies got worse. I'm not saying that they are bad. Just that all of a sudden there was this new CGI technique that you could do whatever you wanted with. And filmmakers did, but a little too much in my opinion. So we stopped appreciating films. We took all fx for granted. They suddenly lacked the "WOW FX". And now in 2021, our kids don't care anymore. They have already seen all kinds of monsters come to life through CGI and there are no limits to what the monsters can do. And it's kind of a "More is better" mentality.

Why have one monster that shows himself in one shot? When we can have 100 monsters that show themselves in 100 shots. It's like listening to a guitar solo for 6 minutes and no lyrics. no other instruments get their chance to balance the song.

So after 2 minutes you kind of know that the rest of the 4 remaining minutes are gonna be the same so you either skip to the next or shut it off completely.

If it doesn't need to be in the story then don't add it just because you can.

Director Steven Spielberg on location with a real lifesize animatronic dino puppet.

This behind the scenes shot look so real that some people on the internet actually believe Mr. Spielberg shot a living dinosaur. Think about that for a while.

What is the solution?

The short answer for us is that we need to go back and watch the movies we love.

Try to mimic that style, (NOT REMAKE STORIES) But look at them and understand what instruments the old filmmakers use and how they use them, to tell their stories.

Make the FX enhance the story instead of being the story.

Our mission with The Space Apart

We want to make a sci-fi series in the way that they made movies in the 80-90s. With mostly practical FX, including, Animatronic Alien puppets, miniature UFO models, and an original soundtrack that suits the story. All shot in a film look with film grain and the occasional string of hair and dirt on the screen. Even the editing is something we try to do the same as some films we've seen stretching it back to the 70s.

If these things are something YOU like then The Space Apart is something worth watching. Start with the trailer and see what you think. And did we mention that the first full episode is FREE to STREAM!

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